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RDAEF: ITR Certification Now Available for the EF2

In 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that would require Medi-Cal to pay for dental services delivered by teams of RDAEFs, RDHs and dentists connected through the Internet.

Effective 1/1/2016, RDAEFs licensed after 2010 and RDHs will be allowed, with approved certification, to perform interim therapeutic restorations with glass ionomer, after removal of decay with a hand instrument, and expose the necessary radiographs without "patient of record" requirements.  Both the DHCC and the DBC will be introducing their educational and certification regulations this year for approval by 2018. RDAEFs should look to obtain this very important certification once courses are approved by the Board.


The GSDAS and the SDDS will be working together to promote DHP and GSDAS membership allowing members of both organizations to participate in CE events and Mid-Winter Conference together.  This approach helps support not only the local dental assistants society but also gives DHP members the types of education and workshops geared toward them and their role in the dental practice.  

The Board of GSDAS are grateful to Cathy Levering and the staff of SDDS for giving us the opportunity to promote dual membership and to help engage the allied team in educational events within our dental community.